URBAN TALE | Urban Show 2013

Urban Show. Commissioned.
Fondazione Teatro Comunale Modena summer season opening show.

@Modena (Italy)

Urban Tale is a City Specific show of Performing and visual Arts in urban spaces: Vertical Dance, Video Projections, Drones, Video Design, Live Music and Live Cinema.
We live in hybrid times, in which machines and Humans are slowly and finally undertaking the inevitable process of peaceful coexistence, after decades of polarity.
Urban Tale is the tale of the construction and of the transformation of a city, which returns to be the center of everyday life and not only a walking area, giving to urban architecture and to public spaces a new function, constantly built and fueled by citizens and travellers, by inhabitants and foreigners, by men and machines.
It’s a mirrored story between people and the city, the encounter between human beings’s boundaries searching for digital relationships and digital eyes searching for human relationships.

The stage of Urban Tale is a urban vertical wall, like a tower or a building of a city, with which the performers respectfully interact with architectures and video art.
The show addresses to everyone, with no limit of age, of geographical or cultural belonging.
Urban Tale is the story of an intelligent, interactive and invisible city, both form and substance of the Show, actor and stage: every repeat in a new city has a specific video shooting and production, specific musical creation and specific performance.
It’s an urban tale for people and machines, it’s a free fall for human and digital eyes, a short circuit of glances, in which technology becomes an actor that helps us to dialogue with public space, explored from unusual points of view, discovered in a perspective never seen before.

We want to bring technology to the stage and not leave it behind the scenes but give it body and life, making it an actor capable of interpreting a feeling, of expressing and provoking an emotion from the human touch.
Dancing not “for” but “with” visual technologies, in order to create a new perception of the performance, where the human and the digital eye complete each other in a renewed symbiosis.

Technologies determine the rhythm of our lives.
Let’s imagine them as recent creatures.
The last arrived in the city.
They meet human beings, with which they start building and remodeling the city, giving it a new shape.

Produced by Cafelulè and Marco Boarino
Client: Fondazione Teatro Comunale Modena
Original Music: Gipo Gurrado
Musicians: Saverio Gliozzi, Mauro Sansone, Gipo Gurrado
Vertical Performer: Cafelulè
Video Designer: Mikkel Garro Martinsen
Playwright: Danilo Piccioni

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