THE GREATEST SHOW | Unicredit Corporate Dinner Show 2018

Corporate Show | 1000 guests
Dinner Gala with Entertainments and famous italian talent

@Milan (ITA)

How could a Corporate Show be not only cool and catchy but really and deeply communicate Company messages?
Approaching it like in theater: focusing on story to tell at your own way, more than calling famous talent that are finally guests.
The Unicredit story for that event is resumed in 4 Keywords: engagement, growth, passion, future.
Yes, it’s always the same storytelling but like in theater, there is always a new way to tell it.
I’ve chosen Musical as main artistic language, in order to catch the audience with a familiar environment. I’ve chosen particular and famous Musicals, Videoclip or Movies, each according to a specific Company keyword, and i’ve presented them trough original and immersive acts.
A massive video surface like a giant hug on the audience host the tridimensional animated backgrounds, in which performers and musicians play onstage or in the middle of the audience.
The Format is a Dinner Show, that means a 3 hours Show, divided in 4 main acts, focused on each main company keyword, in which dinner course, diffused music, visuals and opening act are strongly and deeply accorded.
Participants annual rate gave to “The Greatest Show” the maximum rate of the events for 2018 and Unicredit CEO confirmed the effectiveness of the chosen strategy.

Musical | Live Music | Dance | Videodesign | SFX

Produced by: Synapsy
Client: Unicredit
Musical Company and Live Music: Stage Entertainment. Creative Manager: Sergio Zafferini
Assistant to Artistic Director: Danilo Piccioni
Lighting Designer: Marco MADE De Nardi
Visual Designer: Roberto Costantino

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