SHARING THE LIGHT International Lighting Festival

Urban Show. Festival of Light
Show commissioned by KSA GEA for celebrating the beginning of Muslim EID 2017.

@KSA 3 Editions 2017/2018

We answered to the request changing point of view and jumping over: not a single Show Celebration but a Festival oh Light, the first in KSA, created as a Format in order to replicate it for future editions. The Client enthusiastically welcomed the creative proposal, financing 3 editions that were enjoyed by tens of thousands of people.

Saudi and Middle East medias and social networks talked about “an historical event in Saudi Arabia” at that stage.

SHARING THE LIGHT is a multidisciplinary Festival of Light Format created and produced by Moments International with the Creative Direction of Marco Boarino, that approaches to Light as a storyteller, a performer and a traveler. Each Edition is conceived starting from a specific Creative Concept, designed in site specific way (so inspired and designed on each location), performed trough visual technologies and by local and international performers with brand new creations.

SHARING THE LIGHT is made by the meeting of different artists and cultures and every edition is the result of a collective creation between worldwide Performing Artists and Visual Designers.
SHARING THE LIGHT means links between ancient stories and modern interpretations of them, preserving their deep meanings in the most respectful way, while telling them trough different tools.
SHARING THE LIGHT is a Bridge between past and present, tradition and innovation: old roots new roads.

Light, Nature and EID have many common features: Sharing, Caring, Giving.
Light is the main character, spreading its power of creation, transformation and birth. A journey trough natural elements and their generative performances.

@Al-Hasa | June 2017 | Concept: Elements
The kickoff edition was an immersive and experiential journey, dressing this astonishing natural location with a dreaming look and feel, keeping the illusion that rocks are breathing and living. Thanks to an invisible and hidden tek setup, Al-Hasa lives for magic in a new dimension.

@Yanbu | September 2017 | Concept: The Haven of Light
This new edition starts by enhance and interpretate the deep meanings of Adha EID: Purity, Transformation, Re-Birth, Unity and WHITE. Like white Light is shaped by the combination of primary colors, we have imaginated a Festival that starts from White, to break up into a rainbow of colors and performances.
Getting inspired by Yanbu Location and its Port, we’ve focused creative design on passage and journey icons, in continuous transformation, as actual KSA.

@Taif | June 2018 | Concept: the Garden of Light
Al Rudaf Park was the natural venue that was lighted up with environmental lighting design, lighting performances and installations, and a massive water screen rising from the central lake to display vertical lighting and video art on vaporised water.

Produced by Moments International
Client: GEA KSA | General entertainment Authority
Executive Producer: Fabio Umiltà
Original music scores composed by Gipo Gurrado | Visual Designer: Roberto Costantino, Setteventi | Lighting Designer: Lollo Bassani | Set Designer: Alessandro Bassani Artistic Producer/Production Consultant: Davide Pesce | Artistic Producer/Assistant to Artistic Director: Danilo Piccioni | Logistic Manager: Anna Maria Marrone, Audrey Roatta | Head of Operations: Antonio Priori
with: Molecole Show | Compagnie La Salamndre | DUNDU | Feeding the Fish | Matrix Laser

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