New Holland Dealers Meeting

The custom Dinner Show ideated for New Holland.
A multisciplinary and multi sensorial experience staged at Cinecittà Teatro 5.

@Rome 2013

THE PROTAGONISTS THE MOVIE is the custom Dinner Show ideated for New Holland. A multisciplinary and multi sensorial experience staged at Cinecittà Teatro 5, the world famous Movie Studios, house of worldwide movies. Movie has some basic elements in common with New Holland: people, passion, innovation. Filmmaking, like many other professions, is guided by the passion of people that work as a team. It is this passion that makes the creation of the film possible.
The venue is presented like it is, a movie set where troupe is shooting a movie.
Cameraman, director, producers, technicians, divas, actors, make up artists, costume designers are filling the space and preparing for the upcoming shooting.
The first Act is an homage to Federico Fellini and his passion: iconic characters and famous sequences by his filmography come to life surrounding them, thanks to performers and giant visuals.
Star of the second act is the famous actress Caterina Murino, that introduces the concept of “people”. Lights go down, and Directors get up on stage to give directions to everyone. A musical-style performance of “the movie crew” starts, involving all the troupe and Caterina Murino as well, in a moment of enthusiasm and team work.
Giancarlo Giannini welcomes the audience introducing the last Act: the homage of Cinema to New Holland, the first take of “The Protagonists”, the NH Movie. Giant screen falls down revealing the facade of the first NH’s factory replica, tributing the founding fathers and Company heritage.
The facade changes again, revealing a tek/iron grid in which performers in fluo/wood costumes are performing in a crescendo of lighting and lasers that look to the future.

Performing Arts | Videomapping | Movie Shooting | Theatre | Live Music | Aerial Performances | Laser and SFX | Dance | Musical | Creative Automation

Agency: Filmmaster Events
Client: New Holland
Set Designer: Giò Forma
Lighting Designer: Giovanni Pinna
Video Designer: Clonwerk
Choreographer: Ivan Manzoni
Performers: Materiali Resistenti Dance Factory | Technicians | Stagehands
Music Director: Gipo Gurrado
Special Effects: Elio Terribili
Artistic Producer: Guendalina Agliardi
Talent: Giancarlo Giannini, Caterina Murino

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