Music Show

Music is the center of every new creation. At the first stage, i always prefer creating original soundtrack for many reasons. From the artistic point of view, i always prefer creating than editing, to explore new opportunities and to inspire the performance; from the dramaturgic side music for me is storytelling, it’s not only a matter of melody and harmony; from cultural point of view, original music production has always to be a meeting and a dialogue between different cultures, revisiting music heritage with contemporary production. I’m very focused about sound engineering techniques (in public spaces as well) in order to create immersive audio experiences.
In my Music Shows singers and musicians become performers.


Morocco Mall Opening
@Casablanca (Morocco) – Agency: K-Events

THE GREATEST SHOW Corporate Dinner Show
@Milan (Italy) 2018 – Agency: Synapsy

ITALIANITY | LGV Lawyers International Meeting
@Milan (Italy) 2016 – Agency: PIANO B

A STAR NIGHT | Mercedes Italy Launch
@Milan (italy) 2012 – Agency: MAC Events

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