KSA 2018 National Day Urban Show. Celebrate KSA heritage, tradition and values,
revisiting and re-interpreting with modern and innovative touch. EMEA Broadcasting.

@Dammam (KSA) 2018

LOOKSA is a an innovative, site-specific and brand-new format, especially ideated for the request, conceived to create participation and involvement in order to establish a deep, immersive and renovated feeling to the kingdom, using modern artistic languages. A KSA Look from above and to the future. More than 180.000 KSA citizens, joined Dammam to celebrate together and thousands of TV viewers in EMEA thanks to broadcasting.

The Show is 100% originally ideated and written. Soundtrack, visuals, performances and storytelling, are inspired by KSA Architecture, Values, Heritage, Tradition and Culture, but respectfully displayed with modern and tek tools, in order to represent the “VISION 2030 Ride to the Future”.
The Show is structured on 3 main acts: the beacon of tomorrow (road to the future); KSA beauties (land, sea, sky); we are Saudi (KSA young people, the vibrant society that will lead the future).
Touch in your own way the deeper feeling of the people, create connections trough stories, use in a suitable way symbols and icons of the hosting country is really challenging. The line between what you like and what they like is very thin. The only answer come from the audience.

We were expecting 50,000 people, 180,000 arrived and dozens of them come in Front Of House to applaud us, shaking our hands, hugging us. Good or bad show doesn’t matter anymore: we did the right thing!

Original Soundtrack | Bunjee Jumpers | Inflatable Giant Puppets | Aerial Machinery | Urban Dancers | Mass Choreo | Theater |

Produced by Moments International
Client: GEA KSA | General entertainment Authority
Executive Producer: Fabio Umiltà
Original music scores composed by Gipo Gurrado | Visual Designer: Roberto Costantino | Lighting Designer: Lollo Bassani | Choreographer: Ivan Manzoni | Set Designer: Alessandro Bassani | Costume Designer: Stefano Formentini | Artistic Producer/Production Consultant: Davide Pesce | Artistic Producer/Assistant to Artistic Director: Danilo Piccioni | Video makers: setteventi | Production Stage Manager: Miriam Bertaina | Technical Direction: Black Engineering | Logistic Manager: Anna Maria Marrone | Head of Operations: Antonio Priori | AV Supplier: Protec

Compagnie des Quidams | Team-Extreme | Molecole Show | Materiali Resistenti Dance Factory | Matrix Laser

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