ITALIANITY | Homage to Beauty | LGV Lawyers International Meeting

Brand New Show
Display Italy excellence trough a Show for the annual LGV Lawyers International Meeting

@Milan (Italy) 2016

A show to present Italy with a journey through the IDEA ITALY expressed in a highly technological, modern and intense language. A story of beauty that celebrates the Italian excellence with an extremely appealing and highly technological and spectacular approach.
Italy is one of the five most visited countries in the world. Only in Italy can visitors find such a unique and vast concentration of beauty: home of Dante, Leonardo, Christopher Columbus, Giuseppe Verdi (just to mention some): Italy is the country with the highest number of UNESCO Heritage sites.
We could surely observe this unmatched world heritage through an infinite number of lenses, and try to describe it with endless categories of thought. But if there is one thing that undeniably everyone agrees upon, something that totally describes its essence: beauty.
Beauty is the founding “brick” of Italy’s DNA Beauty and the endless search for it are distinctive features of our of being, of the way Italians act.
A country with beauty in its DNA is a vibrant country, one that’s always projected into the future, always on the move. Italy is innovative today simply because it has always been that way.
Taking a cue from the Greek word “kaleidoscope” and from its etymology: kalós (beauty), eidos (image), skopéo (observe), we celebrate Italy with a kaleidoscopic, experiential, multidisciplinary journey which plunges us into beauty, surrounding our guests with a universe of lights, images and sounds.
Each ingredient of the show has been developed from the renowned excellence of Italy: music, theater, dance, art, sculpture proposed with an extremely contemporary touch.
I decided to characterise the Show with an ascending sign, indicating our natural inclination towards the sky to touch it with our fingers, unfolding it through vertical images, music and movement: a pas de deux between sky and earth that defies gravity, live musicians suspended in midair who will play famous Italian songs rearranged in unique compositions and production. Videoart that accompanies the performances of dancers and musicians, dressing the walls as if by magic and transporting spectators into a “journey of beauty”: landscapes, architecture, art, lifestyle, products.

Due to universal subject and success of the Show, ITALIANITY become a Format sold to other Clients and still available.

Produced by: PianoB
Client: LGV Lawyers
Music: Gipo Gurrado
Set Designer: Edoardo Patanè
Lighting Designer: Stefano Chiovo Chiovini
Visual Designer: Roberto Costantino
Performers and Musicians: Macadam Piano | Motus Modules | Claudia Zannoni | Marco Fior | Minna Ernquist | Enrico Ballardini

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