Cortina 2021
FIS Alpine World Ski Championship Closing Ceremony

Closing Ceremony, daytime, site-specific on the ski-track, Covid 19 Pandemic protocol.

@Cortina D’Ampezzo (Italy)

After days of racing, the Drusciè track turns into an open-air theater at three hundred and sixty degrees.

From Ski to the Sky.
This is the title of the Ceremony: from the sky to the ski-track performers, athletes and law enforcement parachutists fly and land with giant flags; from the ski-track rises to the sky an omen of life and rebirth towards the future, with which the Cortina 2021 Foundation wants to say goodbye.

The ceremony, with a dynamic, speed rhythm and a modern look, was marked by the soundtrack of Club Domani (Sergio Tavelli and Andrea Ratti), with the participation of the speedrider Armin Senoner and an unpublished Giorgio Rocca who performed in a spectacular performance, synchronised with colourful special effects.

The TV commentator of the Cortina 2021 races, Zoran Filicic, switched into theatre actor while the volunteers staged the flags of the participating countries in a parade.

Theater | Parachutists | Live Music | DJing | Speedrider | Ski performance | Daylight special effects

Agency: Triumph Group International
Client: Fondazione Cortina 2021
With: Giorgio Rocca | Armin Senoner | Zoran Filicic | Enforced laws Parachutists
Music: Club Domani (Sergio Tavelli – Andrea Ratti)
SFX: Super FX

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