BKT International THE NEXT LEVEL (Corporate Show)

BKT, one of the world leaders in the global production of tires for agriculture and main sponsor of Italy Football Serie B, wants to inaugurate the new company’s warehouse and European Marketing Department.

@Como/Seregno/Cernobbio 2017

I created the first identity BKT Event to launch “the new BKT Era”: 24 hours Format in 3 Main Events staged in different locations to celebrate the present and activate the future.
The 24 hours Event is conceived to create photo and video opportunities to be used as worldwide marketing tools.
Music is le fil rouge trough the composition and live presentation of “Growing Together” BKT Hymn that will be staged in all Italian Stadiums during Serie BKT Soccer Competition, in all BKT worldwide offices, Expos, Web.
The investment on the Event was totally kept back thanks to creative tools that generated more and more business.
This is how a Corporate Show, created with Artistic Languages, could really be helpful for Company Business, switching from point of arrival to point of departure.

Event #1: Welcome Dinner Gala @Serre Ratti (Como)
Event #2: Wharehouse Opening and BKT Hymn Live Presentation @BKT Headquarter (Seregno, Milan)
Event #3: Immersive Dinner Show @Villa erba (Como)

Produced by: Staff Italia/Uvet Events
Client: BKT
Musical Company and Live Music: Stage Entertainment. Creative Manager: Sergio Zafferini
Performers: Pavana Teatro | Motus Modules | Compagnie La Salamandre | Feeding the Fish | Sonics
Assistant to Artistic Director: Danilo Piccioni
Lighting Designer: Marco MADE De Nardi
Visual Designer: Roberto Costantino

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